Sittong the orange village situated in deep valley of Kalimpong hills beside Riyang River. Sittong village is popularly known among the people of Darjeeling Hills as the Orange village.Sittong is situated in the laps of the hill with waterfalls, beautiful lakes and the echoing green. Various types of fruits are found here specially the orange, as if filled with nectar. One can watch people with helping hands living in peace and harmony.

Though life is tough in such difficult terrain each but each villager is sporting a smile of happiness. The smiling mongoloid faces are surely going to win your heart during your stay at Sittong.

Sittong is really a wonderful place seen to be believed. As if a plot of heaven down on earth for us to enjoy, peaceful and serene. This is how beautiful the place Sittong is.The place can be reached via Mungpoo. This destination is also a hotspot due to the visit of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Sittong can be reached via Latpanchar and Ghaletar too. For guest who loves adventure and enjoy, October is the right time to visit though from October to January , oranges can be seen everywhere. Yaksaa is the home developed for tourist. It is a community based home tourism site. The people along with the scenic beauty will mesmerize all. Sunrise and sunset and the view of mount Kanchenjunga along with the rest of the Himalayan range, Forest & Nature trek, birding and butterfly watching, Village excursions, are some of the activities one can get into. Joining the local for the evening drink is also an experience of its own. Leisure tour, offbeat destination, home stay whatever you name the destination is one of the few places close to heaven. The home stay is with traditional food, but one can also join the family and cook something of your own. Sittong – Shelpu – Latpanchar – Mungpoo is nice for short trek too. Perfect Place for Eco tourism, nature enthusiast and those who are interested to feel the wild Himalayas. A chance to feel the culture of the local people more closely with fooding, and home stay facilities available.

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